Antimicrobial Sanitizer 

Our Antimircrobial sanitizer is designed to kills up to 99.9% of germs. It (contains AEGIS Antimicrobial Agent) can eliminate and control harmful bacteria and germs on any surfaces. In addition, it also works to control fungi, algae, mold and yeast. It acts as a barrier of protection to fight against bacterial growth. Aside from providing a protective barrier, it also eliminates any unpleasant odour. 

Is a water based non flammable ready to use products. The content contain active AEGIS Anitmicrobial agent, 30% isopropyl alcohol which increases the efficiency and effectiveness of destroying microorganisms. It also contains a hint of Lavender essential oil with various benefits as listed below.

Lavender essential oil benefits

  • Help to moisturize the skin from dryness
  • Anti-septic
  • It works as an insect repel
  • Calm the mind and promote sleeping quality

Lab Tested: ASTM Standards: E 2315-2016

Can be use on any surfaces – hands, door handles, lift buttons, mobile phone, staircase rails, windows, table tops, chairs, apparels, shoes, metals and hand rails. 

Available in 200ml bottle, 10 liters canister

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